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We believe in the brands we represent

"It was actually hard to keep track of all the coverage"

    Veronica Cox, Director of Marketing at Eagle Creek

Product Launch


Through a combination of print, online and TV coverage, the Lync System received over 800 million impressions in key trade and consumer publications, online and print over one year.


Terra worked closely with Eagle Creek, an extremely popular premium travel gear brand to create a strategy and execute the product launch to media

for their new luggage line,

the EC Lync™ System. 


Brand Launch

Introduce the SKORA brand of zero-drop running shoes to the running, fitness, outdoor and Healthy Lifestyle communities while also approaching fashion and mainstream publications to increase doors at retail, as well as drive online sales with style, performance and technology stories tied in. 

Through the myriad coverage SKORA received, including placements in WSJ, Popular Mechanics, Runner’s World, Outside, Competitor, Men’s Health and many more, SKORA was able to increase retail doors by 300%, and increase direct-to-consumer sales by 30%.

Brand Launch

Marquette Backcountry Skis are injection molded plastic, designed to climb without skins and descend almost any slope with a minimum of snow needed. Olilla started the company with less than $100,000 and our value was based on skis sold.


Challenge: Introduce Marquette Backcountry brand to outdoor ski and mainstream audiences with a goal of increased specialty retail presence and visibility to larger retailers while creating demand among both core skiers and recreational snow-goers. All within a 3-month time frame.

Coverage in 20+ publications, including a full-page feature in the ORWM Show Daily, Day 1; coverage in the New Product Preview section, Day 3; and exposure in a wide variety of core ski outlets and general interest mainstream with total circulation numbers of over 10 million and counting. Coverage included: Outside, Skiing, Backcountry, Adventure Skier, Gear Junkie, Weight Watchers, Gear Patrol, OR Dailies, SNEWS, Gear Caster and many more. The coverage also resulted in a 500% increase in retail presence and placement at REI. Mission accomplished!

Breadth of Coverage

Eagle Creek is a travel brand, relevant to all consumers because everyone travels, whether it's around the world, to the gym or just to the store.


Gain coverage across a wide variety of outlets and categories, highlighting the new EC Lync™ System and Pack-It™ Sport, but defending the castle with coverage of popular products and items that demonstrate the breadth of the line.


One year, one brand, over 1.4 billion impressions.

Coverage for luggage, Pack-It™, travel accessories and travel comfort items in mainstream, travel, LOHAS, outdoor and trade outlets, including: Men's Journal (Gear of the Year), Popular Science, Men's Health, LA Times, Yahoo News, CNBC, CBS, SF Chronicle, Denver Post, Outside, Gear Institute (Gear of the Show), Gear Junkie (Best in Show), Explore, WildSnow, Travel + Leisure, Smarter Travel, BoardingArea, Carryology (Award), One Bag One World, Peter Greenberg, Fodor's, Yoga Journal, Planet D, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Conde Nast Traveler, HGTV, TheStreet, Philadelphia Enquirer, Huffington Post, Redbook, Cosmopolitan online, Teen Vogue, Washington Post, Muscle & Fitness, Gear Patrol,, SNEWS, InsideOutdoor, Adventure Travel News and so much more. 

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