Terra is structured with an Account Executive in charge of day-to-day communication with strategy and oversight from the founder, Alli Noland. Terra's team structure will utilize other staff members whose expertise adds value. Terra employees are a slipstream effect for all our clients.  
The Terra team has experience working on integrated marketing campaigns for some of the biggest and most innovative brands including Nite Ize, SKORA Running, RAMP Sports, Eagle Creek, Polarmax, Ortovox, National Ski Patrol, Kate's Real Food, Dahlgren Footwear, Vertical Harvest of Jackson Hole, Buck Knives, SmartWool, Yakima Racks, Smith Sport Optics, and more, and have increased visibility and sales for all of our clients.

Alli Noland

After almost a decade at award-winning outdoor public relations firms, Alli started Terra PR in 2008 to focus on outdoor, fitness, and action sports companies and products. All believes in hands-on client work and a proactive approach. That means that she uses the products she represents so she can tell your story, better. Alli's direct client experience includes major players in the fitness, LOHAS, endurance, and adventure markets. Direct client experience includes: Eagle Creek, SmartWool, Smith Sport Optics, Ortovox, Opedix, Kate's Real Food, Yakima Racks, Polarmax, Icebug Footwear, Nite Ize, SKORA Running, Dahlgren Footwear, and more. A Jackson Hole resident since 1993, Alli rides (bikes), rides (snowboards), walks (dogs), drinks (Rainier), and digs (shovels) out a luge course with 14 bank turns in the winter. 

Keri Jamison

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Keri has always been interested in spinning gold from straw, and was naturally attracted to Public Relations and all that goes along with it. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in PR, traded in her Jackson Hole 90-Day Wonder status for residency in 2011. Keri communicates like a true millennial - through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogging. When not tweeting, she's researching and reaching out to media and making sure things get done, dammit. Keri's client experience includes unsung hero status on RAMP, Icebug, Kate's Real Food, Trilipiderm, POSPECS, SKORA, and lead singer status on Hi-Tec, Magnum, White Sierra, SkiA, and ski~mojo.

Tara Coyle

Born and bred in Chicago, Tara first made her way west for college. The mountains quickly stole her heart, and it was only a matter of time before she moved out to Jackson. Tara majored in Creative Writing at Colorado College, and she has quickly become the office storyteller. Handling accounts like SKORA Running, Dare 2b apparel, and PulseOn, Tara offers a fresh and exciting perspective onto the world of PR. She is all about the experience and craves adventure. Give her clear skies and a good pair of boots, and she will blaze a trail. 

Brooks Cowles

Brooks grew up frequenting the Appalachians of North Carolina where he fell in love with the outdoors. Wanting to leverage his BS in Political Science and Marketing for the powers of good, Brooks moved straight to Jackson to live the mountain life. After gaining valuable first-hand outdoor insight as a ski bum and river guide, with a stint with a Seattle-based Digital PR firm, Brooks is now establishing deeper roots in the Tetons. A natural gear nerd and people person, Brooks brings passion, personality, and experience to every account. When not slaving away for the women in the office, you'll find him climbing, biking, or skiing in his free time. 

Amanda Ryan

While born in Chicago, Amanda was never a city slicker and took the chance to move out west as soon as she could. Spending winters and summers in Crested Butte, CO growing up, her family eventually migrated to Jackson, WY. Majoring in Communication Studies and Marketing at the University of Denver, Amanda was eager to embark on the beginning of a PR career in the mountains. As a self-proclaimed member of the Jackson Hole Babeforce, Amanda has a great love and appreciation for the outdoors, which naturally led her to Terra. She quickly became an asset monitoring day-to-day coverage, bookkeeping, and social media accounts. 

Heads of Canine Resources
These are our partners who keep us active, outside, and adventuring, even when we're too busy, the weather sucks, or we just don't feel like it. 


Astro, a.k.a. The Enforcer, rules the office with an iron paw. The size of a small hippo, Astro is so wolf-like that his hunter-orange collar boasts "I'm a Dog," in case a neighbor with a shotgun may be mistaken. Occasionally whipping out a round-house to keep the smaller dogs in line, Astro prefers to spend the majority of his time lounging on the porch in sub-freezing weather. 


Herbie, the little guy in the office, appreciates every day by torturing Astro with his smaller dog ways and persistently sharp teeth. A quick learner, Herbie quickly charms any would-be treat givers and cries small yelps of love when his human is away, letting the boss know when she's not at her desk.