About Terra Public Relations

With over fifteen years of experience in the consumer product and media relations industry, Terra knows how to pitch stories and place products. We’ve been working with contacts in the outdoor, snow sports, action sports, fitness and LOHAS industries for what seems like forever, and we love it. Our success and experience creating conversations around a wide range of companies and products stems from a desire to treat each person as an individual and approaching every brand and opportunity with thoughtful strategy and the attention it deserves. This gives Terra the connections, relationships and insight to get your product or story noticed by media and target audiences.

Based in the outdoor wonderland of Jackson Hole, WY, Terra is steeped in a lifetime of outdoor and action sports experience, which gives us myriad Gear Geek expertise, but it also means we share your environmental and life quality concerns, and we want to tell your story in a responsible, exemplar way.  We love where we live and the products we use.

Our focus is to help our clients to reach beyond core and even secondary audiences, through positive media coverage, wide-reaching social media campaigns, and brain-scratching consumer publicity.

Alli Noland - Account Executive/Chief Whip Cracker    

Alli’s experience is broad and deep with almost 20 years in Public Relations, live broadcast, retail, and even some political strategy. Her background as a DJ for nearly a decade has served her well when dealing with media across a wide range of categories and industries, and her lengthy tenure managing clients at Stanwood & Partners, one of the most creative independent PR firms in the outdoor industry, means she gets it. All of it.

Alli’s hands-on client work and proactive approach means a complete understanding of your company and product and the ability to tell your story in an engaging and authentic manner, creating positive brand relations and perception.

Alli has created relationships with top media at almost every major publication and many major blogs and websites over the years, while working with high-profile international companies like SmartWool, Smith Sport Optics, Eagle Creek, Yakima Racks, Arbor Snowboards, Buck Knives, Keen footwear to name a few.

Coveting an iPhone, but waiting for better coverage, Alli loves tweeting updates about life or work, and can often be found researching new communications technologies, after the Daily Show is over.

Having moved to Jackson Hole in 1993, Alli can genuinely appreciate the subtleties of a well-placed seam, warmth without bulk and all the other tiny details that can set a product apart from its competitors.